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The Man Behind Cream Vapor

Kyle Adolph is a man with a heart full of gratitude for vaping.

Kyle came from a family of smokers. Between his father, his mother, and her entire family, it was something that always surround him. Kyle was part of this smoking lineage, until discovering vaping.

“My Dad started smoking at sixteen. He smoked for over 35 years before vaping helped him quit”

Kyle moved from Phoenix to Tucson around the time he got his start in the vape industry. He had noticed some friends were using disposable e-cigarettes, and his curiosity peaked. Maybe this could be the answer to end the smoking problem.

“At the time there were no vape shops in Phoenix, and only really corner stores and smoke shops. I bought an overpriced setup, and some terrible e-liquid. But I really liked the idea and thought, if it could be perfected…this could really work to get me to stop smoking…”

Kyle had been employed at a golf course working early mornings and noticed that more and more vape shop models began to appear in the area. These businesses were offering larger selections, as well as more e-liquids to choose from. A new shop popped up by his place of employment, which prompted him to visit and see what sort of products they had to offer.

“I figured I’d stop to check it out…and well I kind of never left. I started to become a regular… I asked the owner Chris if they were ever looking for a part time guy, and I would LOVE to do it.”

Within two weeks, the journey into what is now known as Cream Vapor began. One of his former partners, Lindsey, would come in early and stay late with Kyle. They were learning how the creation of e-liquid worked. They often discussed how amazing it would be to start an e-liquid company of their own. Lindsey had been inspired one day at work with the perfect name. Clouds rule everything around me, or CREAM. Their next step was just how to get if off the ground.

A recent award from the Showcase Houston Convention for best tobacco. Cream has received multiple awards for their e-liquids in several different categories.

A regular customer by the name of Grant ended up introducing Kyle to a key player in his journey today. Grant invited both Lindsey and Kyle to have lunch with his father, Rex. Known for helping people start small businesses, Rex was keen on their enthusiasm stating, “I have no idea what an e-liquid is, but I like you guys and I think we can do this.”

Kyle worked at the golf course, and as a part time manager at a vape shop in 2013. The following year, CREAM officially began, and released their first four flavors in 2015. He was intrigued by the personal touches one could add to make a unique flavor profile. Ultimately in April of 2017, Kyle took the leap and left his jobs to focus on CREAM. According to him, it was the scariest and best decision of his life.

One of the more notable lines in the CREAM family is Boardroom. Kyle credits Rex for the artisan and professional tone of the branding. They wanted the line to represent class and sophistication and named each of the tobacco flavored e-liquids after terms used in meetings.

Kyle with the Boardroom Tobacco Line.

Today, it has become more than a business to Kyle. Life isn’t nearly like he imagined, and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

“I have always felt that this industry is bigger than any one mod, one liquid, one company or person. It’s bigger and more important than many of us realize until we stop and think about it…this industry has afforded people the opportunity to live out the quintessential ‘American Dream.’ For this reason, I will always love the vape industry. I have seen it change people’s lives.”

Kyle credits many for the success he has today. People such as Rex Williamson, his business partner. There is Cory Vigil, who is an advocate for the industry and the creator of Boosted. Also, his Fiancé Sami for always believing in him and pushing him. He gladly credits every shop that has supported him and the CREAM brand as well. And though he states he is by no means a millionaire, he is happy, and filled with purpose.

Cream on display with Mr.Vape USA at The Vapers Carnivale in Raleigh, NC.

The industry has brought a sense of community to Kyle, even with the ongoing challenges at hand. Kyle, as well as many others, see an ominous theme of overrule and over regulation. With the inability to innovate, businesses do not have the opportunities to improve. So many great ideas must remain just that; ideas.

“It has crippled 99% of us. Innovation has been stifled and we were kind of set on a holding pattern…unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of friends walk away from something they cared about so much. I would say this has been a huge challenge for a lot of manufacturers.”

Regardless of the challenges, Kyle still finds motivation to pursue his passion daily.

“There are a lot of things I am blessed to have had happen in the last five to six years of life…I don’t take anything for granted and I try to work as hard as I can each day. To be better than the day before. To try harder than the day before. I truly love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

To find out more about CREAM Vapor, you can visit their website:

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